EControl Form Designer Pro
Version 2.20

Version 2.2 (from version 2.1) 


Main changes:

  1. Extended events support (in resource files)
  2. Extended guidelines styles
  3. Group operations
  4. Local/global markers
  5. Parent dragging limitation (ON/OFF)
  6. Operations in inactive mode (ability of using component combo, object tree, object inspector with inactive designer)
  7. Other fixes and minor improvements.




Simple file or stream I/O 

TzCustomFormDesigner.SaveToFile Method 

TzCustomFormDesigner.SaveToStream Method 

TzCustomFormDesigner.LoadFromFile Method 

TzCustomFormDesigner.LoadFromStream Method 

TzCustomFormDesigner.IgnoreReadErrors Property 

Self storage and events processing: 

TzCustomFormDesigner.Events Property 

TzCustomFormDesigner.StoreEvents Property 


TzCustomFormDesigner.DragParentLimit Property - specifies whether drag mouse movement should be clipped by parent's client area. 

TzCustomFormDesigner.GuidelinesStyle Property - specifies guidelines options. Ability to display guidelines in static mode, in keyboard operations. 

TzCustomFormDesigner.Groups Property - component grouping support. 

TControlGroups Class - control groups class. 





TDesignSurface.RulerClientArea Property - specifies whether ruler displays scale only for client area. 




TCustomDesignerObjTree.Designer Property - Allows direct linking to the particular designer. In this case object tree will work with objects of the Designer.Root and will work even when designer is not active. 




TdsnGroupControls Class - Group selected controls action. 

TdsnUngroupControls Class - Ungroup selected controls action. 




TComponentCombo.Designer Property - Allows direct linking to the particular designer. Component combo can work also with inactive designer. 




Updated functions to support inline events saving. 








TzBoundCtrl.Local Property - specifies whether markers are visible only in the parent window of selected control. In Code Gear designer - markers are local. In MS Stidio designer - markers are not local. 

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