EControl Form Designer Pro
Version 2.10

Version 2.1 (from version 2.0) 


CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 support. 



TzCustomFormDesigner.SelectedComponentsCount Method 

TzCustomFormDesigner.OnPopUndo Event 

TzCustomFormDesigner.OnPushUndo Event 

TzCustomFormDesigner.OnSetNewName Event 

TCustomFormDesigner supports standard actions TEditCopy, TEditCut, TEditPaste, TEditUndo, TEditSelectAll, TEditDelete and allows handle other standard actions using corresponding events: 

TzCustomFormDesigner.OnExecuteAction Event 

TzCustomFormDesigner.OnUpdateAction Event 



TComponentCombo.OnGetClassName Event 



TDesignerManager.SetActiveDesigner Method 

See this topic for sample of using multiple groups of designers (each group with own manager). 



TCustomToolList.RightClickSelect Property 

TCustomToolList.Selected Property 

TCustomToolList.OnItemArranged Event 

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