EControl Form Designer Pro
Version 2.00

Version 2.0 (from version 1.5) 




Custom property list control implemented using classes: TCustomPropList, TPropertyItem, TPropListRoot. Some functionality of inspector list is moved to these classes. 




TUnicodeEdit - base edit control which is used as base class of property edit control. This control may be used as Ansi and as Unicode control. 

TBtnEdit is derived from TUnicodeEdit. It contains new status area at left side of edit control. This status area is used to draw status image in property edit control. 

TExEdit class renamed on TCustomEditEx


ecToolList.pas (new) 


TToolList control - categorized items list, with functionality similar Delphi's tools palette control. It is used as base class for TPaletteToolList. 


ecHintHelper.pas (new) 


Provides unified hint processing. Hint helpers used by the tool lists, button panels and inspector lists, i.e. 

TCustomBtnPanel.HintProps Property 

TBtnPanel.HintProps Property 

TPalettePanel.HintProps Property 

TPaletteTab.HintProps Property 

TCustomToolList.HintProps Property 

TToolList.HintProps Property 

TPaletteToolList.HintProps Property 

TCustomInspectorList.HintProps Property 




Handling drag&drop operations: 

TBaseDesigner.DragDrop Method 

TBaseDesigner.DragOver Method 

TBaseDesigner.OnDragDrop Event 

TBaseDesigner.OnDragOver Event 




New functionality: 

TzCustomFormDesigner.AddCompEditorMenu Method 

TzCustomFormDesigner.CheckAction Method 

TzCustomFormDesigner.ClearCompEditorMenu Method 

TzCustomFormDesigner.EditAction Method 

TzCustomFormDesigner.GetEditState Method 

TzCustomFormDesigner.IsLocked Method 

TzCustomFormDesigner.SelectedComponent Method 

TzCustomFormDesigner.ShowPopupMenu Method 

TzCustomFormDesigner.UndoLoad Property 

TzCustomFormDesigner.OnCanEdit Event 

TzCustomFormDesigner.OnGetComponentLocked Event 

TzCustomFormDesigner.OnGetObjectName Event 




TComponentClassInfo Class was redesigned, fields are moved to private section. Property AClass was replaced with property TComponentClassInfo.ComponentClass. New Unicode property TComponentClassInfo.DisplayName used by the component palette and palette tool list. 


Registered component information may be accessed using TPackageMng.ComponentCount and TPackageMng.Components. Direct access via property CompInfos is removed. 

Added several functions to manage component palette. 

See TPackageMng class




New functionality to manage drop-down list: 

TComponentCombo.DoAddObject Method 

TComponentCombo.OnCanAddObject Event 

Automatic hints: 

TComponentCombo.AutoHint Property 




New functionality of inspector list: 

TCustomInspectorList.PopupListAlign - alignment of popup list. 

TCustomInspectorList.OnChangeSelection - occurs when selected objects are changing. 

TCustomInspectorList.OnGetPropReadOnly - occurs to define whether property is read-only. 

TCustomInspectorList.OnSetPropValueA ; TCustomInspectorList.OnSetPropValueW - allows adjusting value to be written in property. 

TCustomInspectorList.DefPropNameDraw - disables property name drawing by the property editors. 




Uses new interface to draw and process status images: 

IPropertyStatusImage Interface 


New functionality to control value updating: 

TCustomPropertyEdit.ChangePropertyValue Method 

TCustomPropertyEdit.OnSetPropValueA Event 

TCustomPropertyEdit.OnSetPropValueW Event 


eddObjInspFrm.pas (new) 


Object inspector frame control. Utilizes object inspector functionality for fast integration in application. See TObjectInspectorFrame Class for more details.

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