EControl Form Designer Pro
Using DesignIDE.BPL

EControl Form Designer Pro may be used in applications that are built with runtime packages and in applications without using runtime packages, i.e. in standalone EXE. 


Using with runtime packages. 

In this mode you may load design time packages at runtime. All design time classes will be registered automatically. 

Advantages - automatic design objects registration, registration of not available in sources design objects, ability to extend at runtime component base by loading design time packages. 

There is only one disadvantage - you need to distribute DesignIDEXX.bpl. Distribution of this package is limited by Borland (CodeGear) License

Such using is possible if you will use application on the computers where Delphi is installed. 


Using without runtime packages. 

When you build application without runtime packages all required code is included in executable file. In this case there is no using of DesignIDEXX.BPL and there are no licensing and distribution restrictions. 


1. You should register all design time objects programmatically. Usually you need to call Register methods of libraries units, for example:


2. Limited ability to extend design environment at runtime. 



If you build application without runtime packages add EC_NO_BPL, NEWNEWDESIGNER defines to project "Conditional defines" (dialog "Project Options", tab sheet "Directories/Conditionals").

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