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TDualList Properties

The properties of the TDualList class are listed here.

Determines the style of the line drawn around the perimeter of the panel control. 
Provides access to a drawing surface that represents the TDualList
In-place editor 
Specifies whether editor is visible in the selected row 
Specifies the number of items in the DualList 
Specifies the height, in pixels, of the items in the dual list 
Specifies the index of the selected item. 
Occurs when the user clicks the dual list. 
Determines whether lines are drawn separating items in the list 
Specifies whether frame rectangle should be painted around selected item. 
Specifies width of the first column in pixels (or splitter position) 
Indicates the position of the control in its parent's tab order. 
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Specifies the topmost row that appears in the dual list. 
read only 
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