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TBaseDesigner Methods

The methods of the TBaseDesigner class are listed here.

Called to check processing of non client mouse messages. 
Corrected version of ClientToScreen function to support RTL. 
Corrected version of ClientOrigin function to support RTL. 
Creates and initializes a TBaseDesigner instance. 
Indicates whether component in design or loading state. At design time (in Delphi IDE) and during loading no activation occurs. 
Destroys an instance of TBaseDesigner. 
Called to show hint for current design state. 
OnDragDrop event dispatcher. 
OnDragOver event dispatcher. 
Returns true when control is right-to-left. 
Respond to key press events. 
Respond to keyboard input. 
Respond to released key. 
Initializes the component after the form file has been read into memory. 
OnMouseDown event dispatcher. 
OnMouseMove event dispatcher. 
OnMouseUp event dispatcher. 
Translates messages of all managed by designer controls. 
Resets hint for another component 
Corrected version of ScreenToClient function to support RTL. 
Set method for Active property. 
Indicates whether hints should be shown for controls in the Designer. 
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