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TCustomToolList Methods

The methods of the TCustomToolList class are listed here.

Collapses all categories. 
Creates and initializes a TCustomToolList instance. 
Destroys an instance of TCustomToolList. 
Draws item image. 
Expands all categories. 
Returns index of category item at the given position or above. 
Returns items at the given position. If there are no item at the specified position function returns -1. 
Called when selected item was changed. 
Returns rectangle occupied by the item. 
Called after items were rearranged by the drag&drop operations. 
Called when items were changed (any changes). 
Calculates total height of items. 
Scrolls list to make specified item topmost item. 
Scrolls list to make specified item visible. 
Calls TToolListItem.Paint and allows to customize item rendering in derived classes. 
Selects first visible, i.e. not hidden, item. 
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