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TzCustomFormDesigner Events

The events of the TzCustomFormDesigner class are listed here.

Occurs to determine whether Edit method of component editor can be called. 
Occurs when painting any control on the form. Use this event to draw over control. 
Occurs when ExecuteAction method is called. Use it to handle standard shared actions for currently active designer. 
Occurs to determine whether component is locked. 
Occurs before deleting selected component. 
Occurs before inserting new component. 
Occurs at the end of GetObjectName method to adjust resulting name. 
Occurs before moving selected component. 
Occurs before renaming component. 
Occurs before resizing selected component. 
Occurs when restoring Target from undo buffer. 
Occurs before selecting component. 
Occurs when saving Target to undo buffer. 
Occurs before new component creation. 
Occurs when frame is to be inserted on the form. 
Occurs when assigning name to newly inserted component (created or pasted). 
Occurs before creating icon for non-visual component. 
Occurs when new method name is input in object inspector. 
Occurs immediately after hiding the Target form . 
Occurs when UpdateAction method is called. Use it to handle standard shared actions for currently active designer. 
Occurs when the application is about to display the hint window for the particular component. 
Occurs when method property editor requests designer for possible method names. 
Occurs when method property editor ask for script procedure name associated with a given property. 
Occurs when components are added or removed to/from Root object at design mode. 
Occurs when name of method is changed in object inspector. 
Occurs when method property editor assigns script procedure to the event. 
Occurs when user double clicks on the procedure in the object inspector. 
Occurs to validate method. 
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